Greatness does not come from talking big, but walking the talk. When we started we wanted to develop a business that make the world an extraordinary place to live. We are blessed with our business where people use our products daily, in their homes and work place. We are blessed to be in buildings business. And excellent buildings are totally necessary to live exuberantly. Our tiles are a part of erecting great buildings.

We are blessed to have the best group of people at all levels in the company who work ceaselessly to achieve our most challenging goals. These people work day and night with a consistent quality focus to ensure that our products and our relations with people outside the company are always long lasting.

We are blessed to have the best channel partners, distributors and retailers who promote our products to every prospective customer. They run towards every project and display our products to increase our market share. They are the real brand builders of SERON.

We are blessed to have established such a strong brand in a short time. The brand has made its presence felt in the markets and people are proud to be associated with SERON Brand.

I wish these blessings last the test of time and we always take up challenging tasks that help us accomplish bigger goals.


SERON Brings you unique combination of colors & exotic designs to fulfill the changing needs of the market, domestic as well as intemational.